Travelmall Professional Makeup Train Case Review

Travelmall Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup is as essential as food to a woman and they can never have too much makeup. However, when it comes to keeping all that makeup in one place, it becomes really difficult.

You either puts different makeup products like foundation, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara, etc. in separate bags, or drop it all in a drawer. This is not only messy but also makes it difficult for you to locate the product whenever you need it.

A good makeup organizer is the solution to this problem, but there are so many kinds of makeup organizers on the market today that it might be difficult to find the one product that accommodates all of your needs. In this article, we are reviewing the Travelmall Professional Makeup organizer that has a large amount of space and is meant for traveling.

You can useyour Travelmall professional makeup train case cosmetic organizer at home as well as take it with you when travelling. Store all your makeup products in this organizer, from brushes to nail polishes, to lipsticks and other cosmetics and beauty supplies.

Usually, we keep our makeup products in different containers that differ in shapes and size. Sometimes, our vanity tables looks are a mess because there are just so many bags and boxes filled with different cosmetics. The Travelmall makeup organizer solves all your makeup storage problems because you can keep your products in different places inside the bag.


This makeup organizer is made in a manner that it can accommodate all your makeup products, including  lipsticks, nail polishes, hairbrushes, and curling irons and their cords, easily in one convenient location. You need a decent storage space that is safe for your numerous makeup products, and if you are a traveler, you will need a way to transport your items in a way where they will not be damaged, or damage other products if the case is dropped or roughly handled in transit.You want a trendy-looking makeup kit that is functional and well designed to meet your storage needs..

The Travelmall professional makeup organizer takes all these factors into consideration. It looks trendy and feels comfortable when you carry it. It works as a carry-on bag that you can carry onto a plane. It will conveniently accommodate all your makeup products and will allow you to locate whichever item you want easily and quickly. It keeps your vanity table neat and tidy and makes your busy life a little easier.


The Travelmall professional makeup train case cosmetic organizer has many advantages.

  • Enough space—This makeup organizer provides you with enough space that you can keep all your makeup items like lipsticks and eyeliners, close at hand. This makeup kit has three layers which allow you to keep your items in an organized way, whether at home or while traveling
  • Durable—The Travelmall makeup organizer is made of premium nylon fabric which makes it highly durable and also waterproof. This makeup box, in comparison to other makeup organizes, islighter weight
  • Easy to clean—Unlike other makeup boxes, you will not have any issues in cleaning this makeup box; as it is waterproof, no liquid can harm its premium fabric. This makeup organizer is also easy to clean because it can be opened easily and can be sponged off or blotted dry with a paper towel or tissue
  • Handbag—This Travelmall makeup box is a multiple-use makeup organizer. It can be carried as a handbag or carried over the shoulder


While reviewing the product, we noted just one disadvantage with this makeup organizer and that was the unreliable zippers. Some zippers appeared weak and even broke after a long use.


The Travelmall makeup organizer has enough space to store a makeup brush, hair straightener, hair curler, hair brush, etc. It has twelve elastic pockets with a plastic cover to give all your makeup and beauty products a safe storage area.

It has a multiple movable partitions to give you the liberty to arrange the space as you prefer. Overall, at its price, the Travelmall Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer appears to be one of the best makeup box for travel and storage in the market. It is also easy on the eyes.

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