Seya Artist Rolling Wheeled Trolley Makeup Train Case Review

Are you someone who loves makeup and has a lot of cosmetics but very little space to store them? Do you use makeup for professional or personal use? Do you have the perfect portable makeup organizer? If so, you have just come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will review the super trendy and fashionable Seya Soft Nylon Professional Artist Rolling Wheeled Trolley Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer, which is perfect for both home as well as travel use. You can use this train case if you take a large amount of makeup with you while traveling.

A train case is a style of trunk that is used in travel, and has been around for decades. You might even remember reading about these kinds of trunks in historical novels.

In comparison to normal makeup organizers, train cases are a better option because small beauty products, like lipsticks, creams, balms, etc., can roll around and create a mess in a normal makeup organizer, while in a makeup train case, all the products remain in their places until you change their location or take them out of the case.


There are so many kinds of makeup boxes in the market today that it can be difficult to find your ideal makeup bag. It is important to keep several things in mind when looking to purchase a makeup organizer. One of the most essential things in a makeup organizer is proper number of compartments and drawers to store different products; for example, you will want a drawer for all your lipsticks and a separate drawer for your nail polishes.

With the Seya makeup organizer, you have plenty of drawers and sufficient compartments to store all your products. In addition to this, you can locate your makeup products fast and easily with this makeup organizer.

The Seya organizer is easy on the eyes as well; it looks fashionable and very trendy. It can be taken by the user on vacations as well as kept at home for daily use. It is durable because it is meticulouslyconstructed. It is safe to use and will not damage the cosmetics you store inside. For those who are looking for a train case that is focused on travel and organization, this arguably is the best professional soft-sided rolling makeup box.


Here are the several advantages of this makeup organizer:

  • Storage—Throughout its lightweight fabric construction, it has multiple forms of beauty tool and makeup storage areasthat make it easy to transport whenever you travel. It has 8 huge plastic drawers that can be used to store whatever makeup item you want. Things like eyelash curlers and tweezers can be kept in this makeup box without any second thoughts because it is highly spacious
  • Simple use—Dry, as well as liquid products like nail polish can easilybe kept in this box. The eight drawers firmlyslide into their place and keep your precious and fragile items safe and organized. It has eight removable plastic storage trays in bottom section to keep everything properly organized
  • Additional space—The makeup box has extra space for different items around the sides in mesh pockets and in a zippered mesh on the underside of the lid
  • Inline skate wheels and telescoping handle make for easy transportation
  • Additional securing straps will ensure your organizer stays together when traveling
  • Easy to clean—This high-quality makeup organizer is made of high-quality nylon fabric material that is very easy to clean


When it comes to ability of storage, the Seya makeup organizer is heavier than other travel makeup organizers. Also, according to several verified buyers, the drawers that come attached with this product are not very sturdy.


This makeup organizer is arguably one of the most sophisticated makeup boxes in the market. It has two makeup brush holders, one vertical and one horizontal zip pocket, and a tissue dispenser on the left side. For long products like mirrors and nail files, it has two extra vertical pockets on the right.

The central storage area of theSeya makeup organizer can be used for big products like palettes and spray bottles. The inline skatewheels and retractable telescopic handle that comes with this amazing makeup box is useful for easy transportation. If you are looking for a portable makeup organizer, we cannot recommend a better product.

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