ROWNYEON Portable Makeup Train Case Review

ROWNYEON Portable Makeup Train Case

If you’re a professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, or an avid makeup lover with a large collection, you need a way to store your products so you can easily find and use what you need.

Understandably, your criteria for the best makeup organizer will also be different from someone who just wants a neater bathroom counter. You have more products, and may even have different shades of a single line. You may also need to carry your large collection to a photo studio or an on-location shoot.

In your case, a portable makeup train case is a better option than a cosmetics kit or acrylic makeup organizer. These are especially designed to carry several brushes, compacts and palettes and protect them from damage. The best makeup organizers also have additional padding or the option to customize dividers according to your needs.

In this article, we review theRowyneon Portable Makeup Train Case to see if it would meet the needs of a makeup professional.


The Rowyneon brand has many makeup traincases in different sizes. This particular one measures14.6 in. X 10.2 in. X 3.5 inches. While it’s not the largest size in their line, it is ideal for makeup artists who are just beginning to grow their collection, or even professionals who want to bring a smaller kit to an on-location shoot.

The traincase is very sturdy, since it is made of compressed wood and encased with a plastic shell. The interiors are lined with an Oxford cloth. This material is water-proof, shake-proof, spill-proof and anti-wear.  The handle is strong and well-attached to withstand the weight of heavy products. The case itself weighs about 2.9 pounds.

The lid has 5 pockets where you can put many brushes and pencils, and even divide them according to use or type (eyes, foundation, synthetic or natural bristles, etc). The main compartment comes with padded dividers and can be rearranged according to your needs. It also has a zippered compartment that can carry flat items or tools like makeup sponges, brush cleaners, facial wipes, and more.

Pros & Cons

Makeup professionals invest a lot of money in their products, because their livelihood depends on them. Makeup organizers protect this investment. Will the Rowyneon portable train case do a good job?


  • Sturdy. It’s made of high-quality material, has cushioned dividers, and helps prevents shakes and spills. This is very important when carrying several bottles and palettes, which can jiggle or topple over while you’re driving to on-location shoots.
  • Customizable. You can adjust the dividers to make room for larger palettes, or hold single eyeshadows or blushes in place.
  • Roomy interiors. There is enough room to carry over 50 products, since palettes can be stacked and several pencils and brushes can be inserted in the pouches. There is even enough room to hold tools for airbrush makeup.
  • Strong and comfortable handle. It’s designed to hold a lot of weight, but still fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Good value for money. Professional digital traincases of similar size and quality cost up to $40 to $50 more.
  • Sleek design. Even if it can hold a lot of makeup, it is very compact and won’t take up much space in a car or a small makeup studio. The black and gold zipper also looks very professional and stylish.


  • Needs extra dividers. All makeup professionals love the customizable dividers – they just wish the kit came with more!
  • Dividers could be sturdier. In some cases, the dividers cracked or bent which made it difficult to insert and line up. If you just bought it and any problems you encounter are from a defective product, customer service will be happy to replace. However, they won’t replace those that were damaged from wear and tear – so handle them with care!
  • May be too small for some professionals. If you have a large makeup collection, or need to bring several products (like if you were to do the makeup of several people for a runway show or wedding), you may want to upgrade to a larger traincase.


The Rowyneon portable makeup traincase is one of the best makeup organizers for a new makeup artist or an avid makeup collector. It’s designed to protect makeup even when it’s being transported or stored. It’s customizable, easy to clean, and has many compartments for the tools that a serious makeup user would need.

While it’s larger than the “average” makeup organizer – meaning what a typical person would use and need for her personal beauty needs – by professional standards it is considered a small, entry-point traincase. It’s best for professionals who are just starting out and need something compact and affordable. Or, it can be used as a travel-sized traincase for on-location appointments where it’s impractical to bring a bulky bag.

For its price and its size, however, the Rowyneon portable makeup traincase gives good value. For that reason, we give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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