Surveys show that women aged 30 to 50 can spend up to $1,200 dollars a year on makeup they never use. They said the biggest problem was organization. They stored all their products in inaccessible bins and drawers. “I can’t find what I need,” some said. Others said that they “forgot what they owned” or had no time to rummage through products when they had to get ready in the morning.

Save money, time and energy with a well-organized makeup collection. Here are some makeup organizer ideas to get you started.

Step 1:Divide and conquer

Take out all your makeup from your drawers and baskets. Then, sort them into the following piles:

  • Daily essentials. This can be foundation, concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencils, and your favorite brushes and tools.
  • Special occasion items. You don’t use them often, but you do turn to them when you want to feel particularly glamorous or want to create a particular look. Examples are glittery eyeshadow palettes, a very sexy red lipstick, or false eyelashes.
  • Expired items. Aside from checking the actual expiration date, look at the product formula. If it smells funky or has changed consistency, toss it.
  • Swatch lipstick and eyeshadows on your arm and group items that have near-identical colors. Pick the one with the best quality and give the others away.

Step 2:  Build a basic makeup kit

You need at least one “Survival Kit” – foundation, blush, brow powder, a few lipsticks and glosses – which you know you’ll use every day. This should be in a makeup organizer that is small, compact and easy to access. You don’t have to put every single makeup item you own. Instead, you can just rotate and swap products when you’re ready to try a new color or look.  Here are some good makeup organizer ideas for your basic kit:

  • Acrylic trays and containers. Look for sets that have slots for lipsticks, drawers for pencils, and compartments for compacts and brushes.
  • Makeup bags or pouches. These are small enough to fit into a bag, just in case you need to apply makeup on-the-go. Look for bags made of water-resistant material and zippered compartments.
  • Travel bags. There are multi-purpose travel bags that can carry makeup, hair care products, and any accessories. Look for one that has many compartments and clear pockets so you can easily find what you need.
  • Drawer organizers. If you don’t have space on your bathroom counter or vanity, make the best use of your drawers. There are special acrylic containers that can fit into a standard drawer, but you can also get creative and repurpose a sock organizer, or trays meant for utensils or office supplies.

Step 3: Organize your special collections

Most women own several lipsticks and eyeshadows; makeup lovers and beauty vloggers can have entire boxes of them. You need to find storage solutions that are larger, stronger, and ideally customizable.  Here are some makeup organizer ideas for bigger makeup collection.

  • Makeup traincase. These are usually made of metal, or wood that is wrapped in water-resistant fabric. Some open up to reveal tiered trays, while others are flat but have customizable pockets and compartments. Look for one that has cushions or padding to protect your makeup even if you’re carrying it around or storing it in cabinets.
  • Cosmetics towers. These tall acrylic containers are usually designed to hold dozens of products of the same type. For example, there are makeup organizers just for lipsticks, and others that have shelves that can hold eyeshadows or palettes. They are very similar to those used in professional makeup counters.

Step 3: Maximize wall storage

If you don’t have space on your bathroom counter or cabinet, then make the best use of walls or doors. Here are some makeup organizer ideas

  • Place foundation bottles and primers in hanging spice racks
  • Look for travel cases that have a hook you can put on a shower rod or door knob
  • Hang a magnetic board on the wall, then stick magnets on the backs of compacts and palettes. You can also make a DIY magnetic board from a piece of sheet metal and any pretty picture frame.


You don’t have to have a lot of space, money or time to be able to organize your makeup.  It only takes one morning to go through your products, and there are many different kinds of storage systems that can suit your needs and budget. Besides, any effort you put in is well worth it! Once you find the makeup organizer idea that works for you, your life will become so much easier.

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