How to Make a Makeup Organizer

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or a huge house to have a beautiful, efficient and well-organized makeup room. We’ll show you how to make a makeup organizer using things you already own, and a few budget buys that have gotten five-star reviews from buyers and makeup lovers!

Secrets to organizing your makeup

  • Sort before you buy. Before buying a single container, go through all of your makeup and throw out products that have expired, give away products that you barely use, and pile together near-identical products and choose only 1 or 2. Think of yourself as the curator of your makeup collection. Keep only what you love and can see yourself using. The rest is just taking up valuable space.
  • Make a product inventory. Arrange your makeup into different categories: base (foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer, etc) lip products, cheek products, and eye/eyebrow products. Estimate how much storage you would need for each. Measure the packaging, too. It’s important to know how wide or thick your palettes or compacts are, so you know they’ll fit into any containers you buy.
  • What products do you need at your fingertips, and what are you ready to store?
  • Choose and measure your makeup area. Are you going to put your makeup in the bathroom counter, or would you prefer to set up a table near a window with natural light? How much space do you have? Take actual measurements. Many people overestimate the size of a room, and are then disappointed when the makeup organizers take up too much space.

How to make a makeup organizer for palettes

Store large eyeshadow and lip palettes in CD or dishdrying racks, sandwich them in between bookends, or stack them in pretty metal mail or file holders. You can put smaller palettes or single eyeshadow quads in trays or baskets.

How to make a makeup organizer for lipsticks

You can make a DIY lipstick organizer by cutting cardboard strips and criss-crossing them to create slots. Insert into a plastic box or shoebox.

For a more professional look, invest in a Spinning Acrylic Makeup Organizer. It has 72 lipstick holder slots that are large enough to carry standard bullet lipsticks and longer lip crayons or glosses. While it’s a bit pricey, it’s made of sleek black acrylic that will make your makeup room look like a MAC or NARS counter – truly a makeup lover’s dream!

How to make a makeup organizer for brushes

There are many ways to store makeup brushes. You can fill a glass cylinder with coffee beans or sand, and stick the brushes inside. You can also put them in tin cans, which you can spray paint in any color to match the rest of your makeup room. Candle holders are also pretty brush containers!

You can buy foldable makeup brush carriers (even the leather ones are quite affordable), or you can sew them yourself.

Where to find multi-purpose makeup organizers

Aside from creating a makeup organizer from everyday items or art materials, you can also buy very affordable acrylic containers. The Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder and Organizer with Two-Sided Mirror can hold the products you use every day, and can turn any table or corner into an instant vanity. If you already have a mirror, then try the Cosmopolitan Collection Makeup Organizer.  It can carry a few lipsticks, palettes, brushes and sponges.

Store the rest of your makeup in travel cases like Lavievert Portable Makeup Organizer(which is made of water-resistant material and has several zippered compartments and elastic loops for brushes). If you have a lot of products to store, there are professional makeup organizer that come at a very affordable price point. The Rowyneon Portable Makeup Traincase is a favorite among makeup artists who are just starting out in the industry, because it is strong, completely customizable, and is half the price of traincases of similar quality.


It’s easy to organize your makeup. There are plenty of affordable makeup organizers, and with a little creativity, you can even turn office or kitchen tools into handy cosmetics containers. We hope this article on how to make a makeup organizer will inspire you to decorate and arrange your makeup room.

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