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How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror with Lights and Magnification

How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror with Lights and Magnification

Ever wondered what life would be like without mirrors?

Mirrors have become part of our lives without us even consciously noticing them. In a world where beauty is vital, and where all things beautiful are desired, mirror gains its central place.


Suffice to say, mirror holds power- enough power to keep a woman glued to it with an array of cosmetics. In the bathrooms of almost all girls, there would most definitely be a mirror cabinet present. Even in the streets, we see their importance. Shops are mostly made of mirrors these days, and of course, the women world of makeup is not left out in the use of mirrors.


From time immemorial, the female folks have been known to have this little corner in their rooms where they perform their ‘little magic,’ and the place of a mirror in such magic cannot be questioned. Whether you are an incredible makeup artist or just a regular person who puts it on his/her face, you need to actually see your face when you are putting your makeup on. After all, what is makeup worth if you don’t put it on correctly? So mirrors are important.

Simple Mirror vs. Makeup Mirror with Lighting

Presently, the art of makeup has evolved from the use of the everyday bedroom mirror used at home to a more sophisticated one. A special kind of mirror known as lighted makeup mirror is solely used in the makeup world. A makeup mirror is a mirror that can typically sit on a table top, vanity top, or counter top. These are the perfect mirror sizes you need to view and apply makeup to your face perfectly. It has lights around the outside edge that allow you to get a better view. With the confidence you would get after using this mirror, I bet you wouldn’t want to use your bedroom mirrors anymore.

Specific Features to Consider When Selecting a Makeup Mirror

Lighted makeup mirrors come with a couple of different features, and you have to take these features into consideration when getting yours.


While choosing the right makeup mirror, it is worthy of note that the right magnification is a key factor to perfecting makeup routines. Magnification ranges from 5x to 10x or even 12x depending on the size of the pores. Magnifying mirrors show how colors meld together.  Using a high power magnifying mirror like the 10x and 12x helps in spotting blemishes early and can help when the eyebrows are tweezed.


Another feature to look out for is the right light to use. A makeup mirror usually has a lighting scheme that mimics natural sunlight. There are plenty of makeup mirrors that need electrical power, which uses both the regular light bulb and the LED lights which are super bright and last for a long time. There is also the battery powered ones that would not be restricted to a particular socket but needs to be replaced or recharged once it’s is down.


Different types of makeup mirror include:

  • The table top mirrors will fit on a flat surface like a table or desk. It usually includes one or more mirrors of varying magnification;
  • The wall mounted mirrors can be attached to the wall and adjusted freely;
  • The travel makeup mirrors are compact mirrors that are made to be attached to luggage or cosmetic bag and used freely for traveling.


However, there are many different brands of lighted makeup mirrors with different magnification and lighting capacity. Prices and quality vary as well.

Sophisticated Lighted Makeup Mirror, with Sensors

Although not cheap, the  Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Mirror has proven to stand the test of time. This fastest selling makeup mirror has a lot of top notch perks of owning it. Its description boasts a wireless feature that allows it to be moved easily. It also lasts up to 5-weeks on one battery charge.

It has 5x magnification which gives a close-up view. There is no distorted view on this mirror even around the edges, which makes it impressive. And yeah, more impressive is the fact that the sensor mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches and the long lasting LED does not burn out or diminish even after some years.


So, when looking for that perfect mirror for a sparkling, flawless look, consider the above mentioned details and make your choices right.

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