DIY Makeup Organizers

DIY Makeup Organizers

Don’t you just hate it when you are running late and cannot find your favorite pink lipstick or your best blush? Your vanity table or bathroom counter may be strewn with your many makeup items. In that case, you either choose to lose more time searching for your makeup product, or you just forget about the makeup altogether and rush off without even putting your lipstick on.

Wouldn’t be great if you could see all your products and choose whichever item you want without spending more than a few seconds? With the help of makeup organizers, it’s possible. If you love makeup and do not have a storage area for your precious and expensive makeup products, then we have some do-it-yourself makeup organizers for you in this article.

You may not have the budget or the inclination to buy a specified storage area for your makeup, but to make these areas look tidy and less messy, you might want to consider DIY options for makeup organizers. These makeup organizers are easy to make and will not cost you more than $10 to $15. Also, you can easily make them by yourself.

Wall or door makeup organizers

You can purchase one of those hanging shoe organizers, and instead of using it for shoes, store your makeup in each shoe compartment. Buy a cheap shoe organizer that is transparent on one side. You can put a hanger on the first pocket tier and affix it to your door. You will have many pockets in this organizer and enough space to store all your beauty products in one place. You can see your cosmetics through the transparent plastic as well. This makeup organizer is sturdy enough to hold your makeup, as well as hair and makeup brushes. You will have handy access to any item you might need as you get ready for school, work, or a hot date.

Pots and rocks

Another inexpensive way to make your own makeup-organizer is to use flower pots. If you have unused flower pots at home, take them out, clean them out, and get them ready to be used to store your makeup items.

You can select the flower pots according to your room color, or you can color your pot with paint to make them look trendier. Once these pots are decorated as you want them, they will be half-filled with small rocks or pebbles. Or you can visit a pet shop and buy some inexpensive colored gravel to use in your pots.  When the rocks or gravel are in the pot, they can hold your hair and makeup brushes, handle side down.

These makeup organizers are very easy to make and cost you almost nothing. Makeup brushes take a lot of space in your normal cosmetic organizers but this “pots and rocks makeup organizer” takes only a little space and can store as many brushes as you can fit in.

Candle makeup holders

Do you have any old glass candle holders lying around your house? If yes, then collect them, clean them out, and then glue them together in a triangular or square shape so that the mouth of the candle holder remains open, and the sides are stuck to one another. Now you can store your cosmetics in these holders; you can store your small or medium size makeup products in these holders; it could be for your lipsticks, lip-balm, foundation, etc. However, things like palettes, hair brushes, and other large makeup products would be hard to store in this makeup organizer.

Old plastic bottles

If you have some good-quality colored plastic bottles lying around your house, do not throw them away! Recycle them!  You can trim these bottles down to size, add additional color or decorations to these plastic bottles, or sparkles to decorate them. When the paint completely dries, you can use these bottles as makeup holders.

Mason jars

Mason jars are the perfect size for makeup items like mascaras, eyeliners, and blush, as well as makeup brushes. You can use the jars as either free-standing containers, or attach them with holders to a fine-looking piece of wood or board, and mount the board on your wall or door.


These are some easy to make makeup organizers, but you can look around your home or apartment and find things that can also serve as a makeup container. Recycle previously used items and use your imagination to come up with a creative container to store your makeup items. You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to make them. They can also add a nice touch to your room.

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