Best Countertop Makeup Organizer

Best Countertop Makeup Organizer

Having a makeup organizer that looks beautiful on your vanity counter is the best of both worlds—you have an amazing looking makeup box that keeps all your makeup products together, as well as the makeup box makes your countertop or vanity look organized and tidy. Sometimes your countertop looks really messy and untidy because you have too many product in one location.

All those products are your precious and expensive makeup items that you bought with your hard-earned money. To keep your vanity table neat, you can buy a makeup organizer, but before buying it, note a few things like the height, shape, size, price, etc.

Before purchasing your makeup organizer, consider the size of your makeup collection. If there are only a few things, a small 4-tray case would be a good choice, whereas if you have many products, an 8-tray tray and drawer case would be a suitable choice. The price of the makeup organizers differs according to brand, size, shape, material, and even color.

How to find the best makeup organizer for your vanity table

If you have already started your hunt for a good makeup organizer that suits your vanity table, there are a few things you need to consider before you make your final selection.


There are so many makeup organizers on the market that it can be difficult to choose one.You want to buy one and you want it to be the best.

Hence, the first step is to decide how your organized products would look in that makeup organizer. Make a mental note of the quantity of items you will be keeping in the makeup box and then, start your shopping. Take into consideration the area you will be keeping it; will it fit where you want to put it?

How many trays or drawers will you need, and how large will they have to be to accommodate all your items? Do you want a see-through acrylic product? Or will a wooden container better suit your sense of décor? Do you want a colored organizer that complement your room, or make a statement about your personality?


Always buy a makeup organizer that not only looks reliable but is reliable as well. To check reliability, consult the retailer about its warranty and terms and conditions. The material used to make the makeup organizer should be of high quality, not some cheap plastic. Some inexpensive makeup boxes are made up of poor quality plastic, which makes them chip at the edges, then break and become useless in a short period of time.

Acrylics are strong and durable, and will give you long-lasting value for your dollar. Materials like wood are durable and will add a warmth to any space. Poor quality materials will usually show up on the less-expensive products, so if a product’s price looks tempting, check the material and the construction to see if it will pass the test of time.

Easy to use

The countertop makeup organizer should be easy to use, which means the drawers and compartments should operate smoothly. Some countertop makeup organizers have removable compartments, which is useful in case you want to keep some products like lipsticks, eyeliners, lip-liners, etc. in your bathroom.

Types of countertop makeup organizer

There are many kinds of countertop makeup organizers on the market today. Here are some of the makeup boxes for countertops that are most in demand

Rotating nail polish organizer

This makeup organizer is especially designed to be kept on countertops or vanity table. Also, this makeup organizer just storesmany bottles of nail polish, but no other makeup items.

Makeup brush organizer

Just like the rotating nail polish designer, this is designed to store only your makeup brushes. The makeup brush organizer looks amazing on your countertop as it takes only a small space and can easilystore five or more brushes.

Wooden makeup organizer

This makeup box is made of wood and it looks great on a countertop that is made of same kind or color of wood. The quality of wood used in making the makeup organizer varies according to price and brand. This makeup organizer not only looks rich but also adds a warm touch to your countertop.

Acrylic makeup organizer

More heavy duty and durable than plastic, acrylic makeup organizers are usually transparent, so that you can see the contents each drawer or tray holds, making for easy location of the particular item you are looking for.

Where to find a good countertop makeup organizer

There are many makeup organizers, both in brick and mortar stores and on the Internet, that it gets really difficult to choose one. You might find a certain model in a department store or home accessory shop, and if you really like it, make note of the name and model number, and then check the price on an online retailer. Many times you will get the same item for a better price if you purchase it online.


Look around and compare features of different products. Which type of organizer best suits your needs? What size will you need? Are you looking to make a decorating statement in addition to providing a storage space for your makeup items?

Once you have decided what your needs are, you will have a better idea of the type of organizer you will need. Do an online search for makeup organizers; even an image search will give you an idea of the different types of products that are available. In the end, it comes down to you, your needs, and your preferences.

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