Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder and Organizer Review

Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder and Organizer with Two-Sided Mirror

You don’t need a very large space or a lot of money to organize your makeup and create your own personal “beauty corner.” Acrylic makeup organizers can carry all your beauty essentials in neat, easy-to-access compartments.

Some of them – like the Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder – even comes with a mirror. What more could a woman need?

At the affordable price of $60, you reap a lot of benefits.

  • It takes less time to put on makeup. You don’t have to rummage through drawers or boxes to get what you need.
  • Your products are safe. You don’t have to worry about foundation bottles tipping over and leaking, or eye pencils getting uncapped and then breaking.
  • Your bathroom or bedroom looks neat, and stays neat. All your products have their proper place, which also means it’s easier to put them back when you’re done – even when you’re rushing out the door!

There are many available acrylic makeup organizers. How does the Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder stack up? Read our review to find out.


This is a 2-in-1 makeup organizer with mirror made from durable, high-quality acrylic. It can fit on most tables (its total dimensions are 14.8 x 10.8 x 9.1 inches). The mirror is detachable, and has two sides with one of them offering double magnification. That’s quite useful when you want to pluck your eyebrows or want to check how well you’ve blended your makeup.

The organizer has three parts. The middle has a special lipstick rack that can carry 12 standard-sized tubes. It also has a tray that can carry lipstick or eyeliner pots, balms, powders, or eyeshadow palettes. They are not that wide, but can carry about 2 compacts or 5 or 6 small pots.

The two side compartments are especially designed to hold bottles and brushes. This is one of our favorite features, since you’re sure that the bottles won’t fall or break. You can also use these for nail polish, lipglosses or lip crayons.

Pros & Cons

The best makeup organizers are those that suit your particular needs. Always consider the amount of space you have, the products you’d like to display, and the style or look that most appeals to you. Here are the pros and cons of the Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder.


  • You get two products in one. If you don’t have a wall mirror, then the detachable mirror will be a definite bonus. It’s at the right height so you can lean over and apply liquid liner or pluck your eyebrows with ease.
  • There’s space for bottles. The side compartments can carry about three bottles or tubes, so your sunscreen, foundation and BB cream will all be within easy reach.
  • You can store a lot of lipstick. There are 12 slots, enough for you display a wide variety of colors. The side compartments and tray can also carry glosses or lipstick pots. If you’re one of those people who love lip color, this is the one of the best desktop makeup organizer you can find.


  • There is limited room for compacts.The tray can hold about two large compacts or three eyeshadow palettes, but this may not be enough for people who are really into eyeshadow or bronzers. The tray is also divided in the middle, so you can’t fit a wide eyeshadow palette (like the ones you would get from Urban Decay).
  • You can’t put a lot of brushes or pencils. The side compartment can hold about 5 or 6 makeup brushes, assuming the handles aren’t too big. Also note that this is the same space you would put pencils or mascaras. If you have a lot of long and tall items that you use every day, this may not be the best makeup organizer for you – unless you’re willing to put them in a separate container.
  • You’ll need to put this in a place with good lighting. If you plan to use the mirror, then position this organizer in an area where you have decent light. Otherwise, you won’t really see how well you’ve blended your makeup, or you’ll cast a shadow on the mirror each time you bend over to use it.


This is a very compact, well-designed acrylic makeup organizer. The compartments can carry everything you need to complete your look: foundation, lipstick, powders and pencils. The mirror is a bonus, but may be irrelevant if you already have a wall mirror.

Like all acrylic makeup organizers, this can’t carry a huge amount of makeup. You will need to curate your collection and select which ones you’ll use fairly regularly. However, most women will only use a few basic eyeshadows and blush and change their lipstick color – so it’s fantastic that you get so many slots for glosses and tubes.

With one basic eye palette and 12 lipstick shades, you can already create numerous makeup looks just from what you can put in this container. For that reason, we give Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Holder a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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