Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube Review

Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube | 6 Drawers Storage Box For Vanity Tables

It can be really difficult for you to keep all your makeup products, including your makeup brushes, lipsticks, lipgloss, foundation, eyeliners, etc., in one single container or box. Also, if you do find a large enough container, there is always a fear in your mind that your lipgloss might crack and ruin other precious products. We have all been through ruined bags and understand that lipsticks, creams, or any liquid product cannot be put together unless it is properly secured.

The best thing on the market are the acrylic cosmetics organizers, which are not only scratch resistant, but also strong enough to not break or crack if they fall to the ground. In addition to this, acrylic makeup organizers are not made up of fragile glass or cheap plastic. They are safe to use and have amazing storage options.

One of the best acrylic cosmetics organizers on the market today is Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube, which is brought by popular manufacturer N2 Makeup Co. The transparent glass-like material of the makeup organizer enables you to see all the products inside it clearly and easily.

Most acrylic makeup organizers are either made from extruded acrylic or cast acrylic.  Transparent acrylic organizers are likely to be made up of cast acrylic because it tends to produce a more see-through finished item. The extruded acrylic organizers are those which are a little opaque, or not transparent on all sides.


The Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube is nonmalleable, impact and scratch resistant. We think that acrylic has more features and is a better insulator than glass. Some types of makeup products may be sensitive to overly cold or hot temperatures. Storing these products in a glass organizer is difficult as there is a fear of glass breaking and ruining all the products inside the organizer.

However, with the Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube, you do not have these problems as the organizer can preserve all kinds of makeup products. With an acrylic organizer, the likelihood of cold or heat damage, or even drying is significantly less.

Organizers which are made from acrylic keep makeup products visible, even when the unit is closed. This is time-saving for you as you can easily locate the product you want through the closed box, and do not have to fish everything out to find a single item. The products can be kept in different compartments or drawers, however you prefer.


  • Life becomes easier—Just imagine having all your brushes, eyeliners, palettes, lipsticks, lip-liner pencils, powder compacts and foundations all in separated compartments, and in a safe place. The Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube makes all of this possible for you
  • Neatness—If you have an organizer that keeps all your makeup products in one big box that has six drawers, you do not have any cosmetics lying around on your dressing table; this keeps your room neat and clean. Also, the countertop of your vanity table looks very classy and tidy
  • Best customer service—Even if you have placed the order but did not like it on delivery, or if you want the other option (4 drawers or 8 drawers), the manufacturer will readily replace or refund the product, whichever you prefer


  • Expensive—This makeup organizer is quite expensive for a mid-stream buyer who is looking for a secure and affordable makeup organizer. However, we cannot forget that the product has many advantages which make it completely worth its price.
  • Loose crystal knobs—You should be careful with the crystal knobs on this organizer as we noted that they fell off when we shook them harshly. We should have been careful, but we were not expecting the knob to be so loose.


This makeup organizer has one storage section on top, and six pull-out drawers with an open lid option. It further has an amazing diamond knob that looks far better than your regular makeup organizers. This makeup organizer is also far safer than others because it is made of tough acrylic, and has rubber markers on the bottom to keep the organizer from sliding around.

The Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube is made of heavy duty and the best-quality acrylic to increase sturdiness and avoid cracking. We recommend this organizer to buyers who are looking for a strong and fashionable makeup organizer.

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